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All registered public transport

Metro, Buses and trains in an interactive offline map on your phone


ChilanGo is the Wikipedia of transport in Mexico-City: User maintain all information

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Why ChilanGo?

There is no public directory to look up the whole public transport network. Even Google Maps does not have all transport modes. Especially for tourists transport in mexico-city can be confusing, most tourist use Taxis or UBER to reach there destination ?


89 Collected Lines
2343409 Validated Lines
52 User


To use the App you can manually
  • 1) download the App
  • 2) put Settings ⇛ Security ⇛ activate "unknown origin"
  • 3) and install it from the download folder.
Or you just install it through Google Play. The first time you open the app, it will download the offline map and the transport plan


Take part at the largest city game - 9 million inhabitants can participate to increase the knowloedge of Mexico-City

Get in the bus and record!

Record routes, which yet are not in the map (2000 points) or Check-In available routes (for each KM 50 points).

Conquer the City with Knowloedge!

Indicate a busstation (500 points) or a route (400 Punkte), which still is not in the map.

Feedback and Corrections

Validate, correct, comment and give feedback about existing routes (50 till 200 points)

Win Prices!

Collect points, conquer the city map with your avatar, and win prices: Every month we present cupones (3 cupones á 500 Pesos).

Contact us!

You have a question about the project? You want to participate? Do you need the data files? You have a transport company and you want to collaborate?