Overview over the public transport in Mexico-City

How it works

Public transport en Mexico-City is cheap, but complex and chaotic

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There exists an electronic card, but in the busses you need cash...

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How to plan

There is no official directory, app or map. Try our online map, our partner ViaDF or our app ChilanGo

How to organize my travel?

How public transport in Mexico-City works

Mexico-City is one of the largest cities in the world - a lot of people, a lot of traffic. Here some information:

  • Public transport is a cheap alternative to taxis or UBER
  • Avoid travelling in peak times (7:00-9:00 & 17:00-20:00), even in taxi!
  • In peak times, streets are crowded by cars and public transport is crowded by people
  • There exists an extensive subway network (Metro), trolleys (Troleybús), a Bus Rapid Transit-System (Metrobús), two smaller train systems (Tren Ligero and Tren Suburbano), a city operated bus system (RTP) and a lot of private operated busses called "Micrós" or "Peseros"
  • there is no general directory or map, which contains all these transport types
  • Public transport works generally between 5:00 in the morning till 24:00 at night. There are no fix departure times, but most services work very regulary (5-15 minutes).
  • With our Offline App, our Online Map or our partner ViaDF you can find buslines, metrostations and trolleys.

How to pay?

Public transport is kind of cheap in Mexico-City, just five till seven pesos for a trip, and public transport fares can be more than 10 times below taxi rates.

For the Metro, Metrobús, Tren Ligero and Troleybús there exists a common rechargable card, with which you can pay your trips. It is possible to use the card on the same trip for several persons.

For the buses you normally need to pay with cash. The private driven bus lines most of the time can give you change, others need the correct amount. So always keep some pesos in your bag ;-).

Unfortunately and stupidly Mexibús and Tren Suburbano have their own prepaid cards.

How to organize my travel?

If you want to make a trip in Mexico-City, take some time for planning. Look whether there are close subway or Metrobús stations to your origin and destination. Check also for bus or Trolley connections close to your destination and mark your destination in a map. Also plan enough time for a trip. For around 15 Km of travel you should calculate at least one hour or more.

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There is no official directory, app or map. Try our online map, our partner ViaDF or our app ChilanGo


Almost each kind of metrostation has a kind of busstation, where you can find further connections.

Ask people!

If you speak some spanish, ask local people on the street. They will try to help you and know routes, we do not have in our map.


It is easy to loose yourself in Mexico-City. Use GPS and a good map for not getting lost. Try our offline app ChilanGo: Mexico-City on your phone.

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